Student Handbook

Bonita Middle Center for the Arts
Students Handbook

BE Prepared Respectful On­Time 














































































2:53 -­4:00








How to be a PRO

Classroom Responsibilities:

Be PREPARED by having these materials everyday:

  1. Chrome Book (charged everyday)
  2. Paper, pen/pencil
  3. Class materials (required by the teacher)

Be RESPECTFUL of yourself and others:

  1. Follow the class rules set by each teacher
  2. Be attentive and cooperative
  3. Treat others with kindness and consideration
  4. Show pride in your school (take care of school property and materials)
  5. Take responsibility for your actions


  1. Arrive to school on or before 9:45 am
  2. Be seated, have your materials out and ready to begin class when the bell rings
  3. Turn in all work on time


Student Responsibilities:

Accept Responsibility

  1. Follow the school rules and District Code of Conduct.
  2. Be considerate of your classmates.
  3. DO NOT bring skateboards, lasers, handheld games, hats or cameras.

Master self-control

  1. Be respectful and courteous.
  2. Use school appropriate language and gesture (this is your place of business)
  3. Keep your hands to yourself.
  4. Walk your bike off of campus and wear your helmet when riding.

Internet and technology use

  1. The act of posting or searching inappropriate information on the internet during or after school is grounds for disciplinary action. Your Chrome Book is the property of the Lee County School District.
  2. Follow the teacher’s directions and go only to the websites given for the lesson.
  3. Cell phones must be off and in your backpacks at all times.DO NOT place phones in your back pockets.This is cause for disciplinary action.

Dress appropriately

  1. Follow the dress code throughout the day.
  2. Student dress and appearance should fall within the limits of the school dress code, and students should practice cleanliness, good grooming, and appropriate decorum.

NOTE: Florida Statutes 1003.32 ­ A teacher may have disobedient, disrespectful, violent, abusive, uncontrollable,, or disruptive students removed from the classroom for behavior management intervention. 


Discipline Procedures for Infractions


All classroom/hallway/lunch room discipline for minor behavior infractions are documented using our CASTLE system using the Stallion Card.  Major discipline infractions may result escalate directly to a referral and more sever disciplinary actions.  The steps of the Stallion Card for most minor infractions are listed below.

Step 1 – Student Conference (teacher and student)

Step 2 – Warning

Step 3 – Parent Contact

Step 4 – Timeout

Step 5 – Detention

Step 6 – Detention

Step 7 – Parent Conference

Step 8 – After School Detention

Step 9 – After School Detention

Step 10 – Referral 

*Again, these steps are subject to change based on the

severity of the infraction. 


We want to make every educational moment count at BSMCA.  That requires you to be to school and in your classroom on or before 9:45 every day.  Students that accrue 5 unexcused tardies in one quarter will be issued an afterschool detention for that tardy, plus every tardy thereafter for that quarter. If you are a walker or car rider, please make arrangements accordingly.        



Grade 5 FSA Math



Grade 5 FSA Math

Operations, Algebraic Thinking and Fractions

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten


Data, and









Grade 6 and 7 FSA Math








Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Expressions and Equations


Statistics and Probability

The Number System










Key Ideas and Details

Craft and Structure

Integration of

Knowledge and Ideas

Language and Editing

Text Base Writing








College and Career Readiness




Not On Track

On Track


Falls Far Below








555L and Below

560L – 920L

925L – 1070L

1075L and Above



625L and Below

630L – 965L

970L – 1120L

1125L and Above



660L and Below

665L – 1005L

1010L – 1185L

1190L and Above




          My Lexile Q1___________Q2___________Q3_________Q4___________

      My AR Goal Q1___________Q2___________Q3_________Q4___________



Each morning we say the Pledge of Allegiance on the school news.  During this time, you should stand quietly, say the pledge, and respect the moment of silence.  If students are in the hallways, they should stop immediately and wait until the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence are completed.  During announcements, all students are expected to remain quiet and attentive.  Afternoon announcements are made at dismissal and contain information regarding bus changes.  Other announcements may be made as needed throughout the day.


Accelerated Reader (AR)

Reading is an important habit for students to practice throughout life.  All students participate in AR, a technology­based reading program.  Students select books, read the book, then take a comprehension test on the computer. Students earn points for passing tests and for the level of difficulty of the book.  Each child has a reading goal for each quarter and will graph their progress in their reading class.  Students are expected to read at home for at least 30 minutes a night. Parents can access the Accelerated Reader home page to view their child’s progress on their quarterly AR goal.  Reports can be accessed at:

Username: (your child’s 8­digit ID found on his/her report card and the one he/she uses to log into AR at school)

Password: (your child’s first and last initials) 

In Home Connect, you can also:

Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your child’s quiz or test results.

After School Programs (on Hold due to COVID)

Bonita Springs Middle Center for the Arts provides FREE after school tutoring from 4:00­5:00 pm Tues-Thurs. Students are able to attend daily, and are to be picked up by a parent or an approved person.  There will be an activity bus available that will drop your student off at the closest school to your home.  Students disruptive in tutoring may be removed from the program.


Regular school attendance is closely related to good classroom performance and good grades. Parents should call the school office 992­4422 by 9:00 A.M. to report an absence.  The parent or guardian is expected to provide the student with a written excuse upon returning to school. If your student is absent, an automated message will be sent to the phone you have on record.

Examples of excused absences from school are as follows:

  1. Personal illness – A certificate from a doctor may be required for prolonged illness.
  2. Death of a close relative
  3. Observance of a religious holiday
  4. School­Related Absences (School Field Trips)


After 10 absences in a course, credit may be withheld and the social worker will be notified.  (School Board Policy 4.16).

Steps to Follow When Absent

  1. The parent or guardian is required to write an excuse that includes the student’s name, current date, date(s) of absence(s), and the reason for absence.A parent or guardian signature is required.
  2. The student is required to present the written excuse to their first period teacher.
  3. The student is required to ask for make­up assignments.Assignments that are not made up will be

    reflected in their grade.  The student is responsible for asking for and completing make­up work.  Students will have the same number of days absent plus one day to complete the work.  Choosing not to complete those assignments will result in a grade of zero.

  4. If an absence is due to work, travel, or some other reason, a parent or guardian should notify the school prior to the absence.Only absences permitted by District School Board Policy will be excused.

Florida Statutes, section 1003.24, requires that the person(s) having control of a child between the ages of six and sixteen are responsible for the child’s attendance.  Violation of this section is a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided by law.


School doors open to students at 9:20 A.M. for breakfast.  Entering the building before 9:20 A.M., unless participating in the Horseplay program, requires permission from a staff member.  Any student reporting to school before 9:20 A.M., MUST report to Horseplay ($100 per month).  In case of bad weather, the cafeteria will be available as a student waiting area. The Horseplay Program begins at 7:30 A.M.  Announcements begin at 9:35 A.M. and class begins at 9:45 A.M.  Attendance is taken immediately after the morning announcements. The afternoon dismissal process is done in two parts.  At 4:00 P.M., the bike riders, bus riders, and car riders are dismissed.  At 4:02 P.M., the walkers are dismissed.

Assembly Responsibilities

Most assemblies are attended in class.  While there, students should:
sit in the assigned area
stay with the teacher
remain quiet
clap only when appropriate
refrain from booing, cheering, and screaming
ask permission to use the restroom only in extreme emergencies
●be polite and welcome all visitors to our school


Each quarter, an honor roll assembly will be held to recognize academic excellence.  A honor roll = all A’s; A/B honor roll = all A’s and B’s. 


Bicycle riders should observe all traffic and safety rules.  Bicycles should be stored outside in the bicycle rack. Bike locks are encouraged since BSMCA will not take responsibility for stolen bicycles or for accessories, which could be easily removed.  Bicycles must be walked at all times on campus.  Students may never ride on sidewalks or through parking lots.  State law requires that students wear a bicycle helmet.  Carrying passengers is a safety violation and is not permitted on bicycles built for one.


BSMCA is happy to share special days with our students.  However, students are not allowed to have balloons, flowers, or gifts delivered to them in the classroom or to carry them through the day.  Any items delivered to the school for a student will be held in the office until dismissal.  Balloons are not allowed on the busses as they are a distraction for drivers.


It is a privilege to be able to ride the bus to and from school. Bus drivers have student safety in mind and have established rules to ensure everyone’s safety.  These rules are posted at the front of the bus.  Students who do not adhere to the rules may be referred to the assistant principal for disciplinary action.

Bus Rules

  1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and all students that ride their bus.Students must obey the driver at all times. Stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  2. Stay in assigned seats at all times while the bus is moving.
  3. Keep arms and head inside the bus at all times.
  4. Do not throw things from the bus.
  5. Walk 10 feet in front of the bus.Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road.
  6. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is dangerous.Remain quiet.Nothing that interferes with student safety will be allowed.This includes fighting, profanity, abusive language, dangerous or sharp objects, fireworks, balls, bats, radios, animals, or glass containers.G. Absolute silence is required at all railroad crossings.
  1. No food, drink, alcohol, or tobacco products are permitted on the bus.NO GUM, NO LOUD TALKING, NO LOUD NOISES.
  2. Due to varying traffic patterns, students must be at their stop 20 minutes prior to pick up time.The bus cannot wait for those who are late.
  3. See the District Code of Conduct book for the consequences involving any transportation (bus) or bus stop (when bus is present) violation.If a student is suspended from riding the bus, the parents will be responsible for transportation to and from school during any suspension period.

A bus schedule appears in local newspapers a few days before school begins. You may also find your bus by going to  Any student who moves during the year should bring proof of the new address to the information specialist in order to get a pass for the new bus/stop.

Riding other buses for the purpose of going home with friends, going to work, going to non­school meetings and clubs, going to baby­sitters or day nurseries, private lessons, and other personal conveniences will NOT be approved. 


All students should begin the day with a good breakfast.  Our school has a free breakfast program beginning at 9:20 A.M.  At school, students are encouraged to continue their day with a nutritious lunch in our cafeteria. School lunches are free for all students.  Students are expected to behave and respect the rights of others by demonstrating good manners.


  1. Walk to and from the cafeteria in an orderly line and in a quiet manner.
  2. Use best manners while eating.
  3. Become responsible for cleaning the table.Be sure EVERYONE at the table cleans up.
  4. Remain at the assigned table until it is time to throw away the tray and line up to leave.
  5. Refrain from disruptive behavior.This includes speaking in a loud voice, making noises, changing seats, and throwing food or objects.
  6. Do not remove any food or beverage from the cafeteria.
  7. Allowing other students to use your free or reduced lunch ID number is in violation of the law.
  8. Asking for loose change and food from others is in poor taste and discouraged.
  9. Follow the directions given by the lunchroom monitors and supervisor.
  10. Raise your hand and wait for an administrator to dismiss you from your seat to use the restroom or get a snack from the snack line.
  11. You must take a bathroom lanyard after getting permission to leave your seat and using the restroom.

There are consequences for violating the rules.  Students may be suspended, receive lunch­detention, and seats may be permanently changed in the cafeteria.

NOTE: Open beverage containers other than water bottles are not allowed anywhere on campus without authorized permission.  Any glass container is prohibited on campus.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be OFF and OUT OF SIGHT between the hours of 9:10 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.  Cell phones must be stored safely in purses or book bags; they should not be kept in pockets.   

Change of Address

Parents should inform the information specialist if there is a change of address, home telephone number, parent’s email, or work location.  This information will help facilitate communication between home and school and allow immediate contact in case of an emergency.  An acceptable proof of change of address is a power bill, phone bill, cable bill, water bill, lease agreement, mortgage acceptance letter, or statement from the property owner.



A student that becomes sick or injured during the school day should report to the clinic. Students must have a clinic pass.  Parents or an emergency contact will be contacted if a student is too ill to remain in school.


Providing social and cultural outlets are essential components of the school mission.  Through the efforts of student groups, school dances are scheduled throughout the year. BSMCA students ONLY may attend. Any student who has an internal, external, or bus suspension during an announced calendar period of time prior to the dance, will NOT be allowed to attend. Expectations:

  1. If a student is currently assigned to a same day In School Suspension (ISS), Out of SchoolSuspension (OSS), or detention, he or she MAY NOT attend an after­school dance.
  2. The school dress code remains in effect at all times during a school dance.
  3. Dances are designed to be fun. However, good manners and social graces are expected at all times.
  4. Running around and chasing other students, “slam dancing”, crude or vulgar dancing, and any other activity that is in poor taste will not be tolerated.
  5. The administration reserves the right to withdraw dance privileges for disciplinary reasons.
  6. Students who cannot behave appropriately at the dance may be asked to leave early and must contact their parents to be picked­up.
  7. Students who are not picked­up 20 minutes or sooner after the end of a school dance, they will be excluded from participating in future dances.

Dress Code

Bonita Springs Middle Center for the Arts dress code policy is consistent with the Lee County School District Dress Code Policy. Each principal has the authority with his or her staff and community, as permitted by School Board policy, to establish additional standards at individual schools. Please see the requirements previously stated for the dress code.

Discipline Plan

Bonita Springs Middle Center for the Arts encourages students to do the right thing and holds high expectations for our students.  The discipline process is outlined in page III and IV.  If a student chooses to not follow the rules of the school, the school will follow the District Code of Conduct. 


Emergency evacuation maps are posted in each class.  When the fire alarm sounds, walk quietly from the building.  Stay with your class and teacher and await further directions.  Teachers need students to remain quiet and listen and respond to their students as they take attendance.  This is for the safety and security of our first responders and our students to make sure everyone is accounted for. Do not re­enter the building until told to do so by a supervising teacher.  Upon entering the building, report directly to your classroom.


During active shooter drills, students should remain calm and follow all directions given by teachers and staff.  Students are to remain quiet, still, and off of their cell phones during this time. 


Tornado drills will also be periodically conducted.  Students are to follow the directions given by the teachers and staff.  During these drills, students will be instructed to stay away from windows in the classroom and stay low.  Most of the time students will be asked to get under their desks during this time to practice proper precaution.


We practice to prepare.  We hope that we never have to put any of these drills into a real life scenario, but just like with all aspects of school, we have to practice in order to learn what is expected.


Each teacher will post their course syllabus and grading system in their Google Classroom within the first few weeks of school.  All teachers will use the county grading scale:

A  90- 100

B  89- 80

C  79 – 70

D  69 – 60

F 59 and below


In order to preserve the floor and avoid accidental mishaps, gum is forbidden anywhere on our campus. Chewing gum will result in work detail.  Repeated gum chewing may result in an administrative referral.


Homework is an important part of classes at BSMCA.  It is important for students to check their Google Classrooms to keep up to date.  Afterschool tutoring is available to assist students in completing homework assignments.




Parents of all entering seventh grade students must provide proof that their child has completed the required immunizations. 

Students cannot enter the seventh grade without the required immunizations as prescribed Aby Florida StatutesRequired Immunizations.  A second dose of Measles vaccine (preferably MMR vaccine).  An adult Tetanus Diphtheria Booster (TDAP), within the past five years.  Hepatitis B vaccination series (requires six months to complete). Evidence of current status is required.  Completion prior to the start of seventh grade is preferred.  Ask your health care provider to issue a Florida Certificate of Immunization when the program begins or upon completion.  This document must be presented to the school as evidence of compliance with immunization requirements.


Student insurance will be available at the beginning of the year.  This is not sponsored by the school but by an outside company.  Some type of insurance is required before students can participate in intramurals.

Lost and Found

A lost and found area is provided in the cafeteria.  It is the student’s responsibility to look for lost books or clothes.  Items not claimed after 30 days will be donated to charity.  See the front office for lost purses, jewelry, or other valuables.

Media Center

BSMCA offers a media center containing many educational, supplemental, and recreational materials in the form of books, magazines, and audio­visual materials.  Students may check out a maximum of three books for a two­week period.  It is the student’s responsibility to take proper care of the books and see that they are returned on time and in good condition. Fines will be assessed for lost and damaged items. Use of the media center is a privilege and a pass is necessary if you want to use the media center during school hours. In addition, the district had provided an additional on-line resource called OverDrive.  This resource can be accessed on their ChromeBooks under instructional apps.


All medication (prescription and over­the­counter) must be brought to the front office by a parent.  The medication must be in the original container. Parents will need to complete and return the Health Care Provider/Parent Consent for Medication form (MIS 398) to the school before any medication can be administered.

P.E. Uniforms

Dress requirements for P.E. will include the following:

  1. Athletic shoes (If black soles, get non­marking type)
  2. Plain GRAY T­shirt
  3. BLUE or BLACK shorts
  • BSMCA physical education uniforms will be available for purchase during gym class.P.E. uniforms will be available for purchase at our pre­school Open House and during the school year.Please see a P.E. teacher to purchase uniforms.
  • The cost of these uniforms will be as follows: $20.00 for a complete uniform.Individually – shirts are $10.00 and shorts are $10.00.Checks should be made out to BSMCA.
  • It is preferred that students have a pair of shoes to use strictly for P.E.
  • Locks and locker rentals are available for $2.00 per year.They are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.If a lock is lost, stolen, or broken, a new lock may be purchased for $5.00.
  • Uniforms will be available for rent if a student forgets their uniform at home.The cost will be $2.00 per day, and $1.00 will be returned to the student when the uniform is returned to the teacher.

The school uniform will not be required (but highly encouraged). However, students must wear required colored shirts and shorts.  The uniforms will have a name patch area to write the student’s name with a marker.

Parent Teacher Organization/ School Advisory Council

The Parent Teacher Organization and School Advisory Council meet every other month on a Monday.  BSMCA encourages all parents to be involved in the school and show support by attending these meeting regularly.

Prohibited Nuisances

The School District of Lee County specifically prohibits drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, fireworks, and any nuisances that can distract from the purpose of school.  These items will be confiscated and turned over to law enforcement.  In addition, students are not allowed to bring glass containers, laser lights, dice, games (including electronic games), playing cards, trading cards, radios, tape players, CD players, MP3 players, IPods, pagers, any types of body sprays, or any other item that is disruptive to the learning environment.  Such items will be confiscated and turned over to the parent/guardian at the front desk.  Violators of these policies are subject to disciplinary measures.  The school is not responsible for seized items.

Pupil Progression Plan

The Lee County Pupil Progression Plan states in order to gain promotion to the next grade level within the middle school, a pupil must demonstrate mastery of student performance standards and earn the required 12.5 credits.  The State Board of Education and the School Board of Lee County have adopted these standards.  The

approved courses can be found on the district website under the Middle School Program of Studies. 

Respect for Equipment and Facilities

All students are expected to assume responsibility for the care of school property.   If accidental damage occurs, it may be the responsibility of the student(s) involved, and the student(s)’ parents may be required to pay for damages.  Willful or malicious damage must be repaired or replaced at the family’s expense.  In addition, appropriate student disciplinary action will be taken for these offenses.


Safety in school is of the utmost importance.  Students are to exercise safe practices before school whether they walk, ride a bike, arrive by car, or ride a bus, during the school day, and on the way home.  Extra safety should be practiced in classes such as science when laboratory experiments are being conducted and in physical education where a myriad of athletic equipment is used.  Students are reminded that crossing the street is permitted only in crosswalks according to the law (Florida State Statute 316.130),

Scooters – Skates – Rollerblades

Scooters, skates, and rollerblades are not acceptable methods of getting to school.  Skateboards may be ridden to school, but must be left outside of the building.  Additionally, these items cannot be brought on school grounds.  Any student violating this rule is subject to disciplinary action.

Signing Out of School

We encourage outside appointments to be set for before or after school hours whenever possible to allow students maximum time in class.  If a parent/guardian must sign a student out early from school, they must come to the front office with a photo ID.  The student will not be called from class until a parent is present.  The adult signing out a student must also appear on the student’s emergency card.  Students will not be permitted to leave campus except with approved adult supervision.  Unless an emergency arises, students will not be dismissed from class between 3:30­4:00 p.m. Signing students out of school early to avoid the parent pickup line is not a valid excuse for early dismissal.

Student Activities

Throughout the school year, the school will offer a variety of activities including intramural sports, dances, fairs, club activities, and other events.  All school rules apply whether these events are held on or off campus.  Students must be in good standing in order to participate.  Supervision of students will end 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event according to district policy.  Parents are expected to pick up their children on time.  Students who are not picked up at scheduled times will be excluded from future activities.

Sun Protection

To help prevent students from the year­after­year exposure to sun, hats, and sunglasses may be worn during PE, on outdoor field trips and any other school sponsored outdoor activities.  When students come indoors, these articles MUST be removed and placed in a designated storage area.  Hats and sunglasses should be clearly labeled with the student's name.

Shatterproof plastic U.V. protective sunglasses are recommended for all outside activities.  Polycarbonate lenses provide the utmost impact resistance.  U.V. coating for all prescription lenses is appropriate.

Sunscreen is also beneficial protection against sun exposure.  If parents wish to have their child protected, the following guidelines should be followed:

Sunscreen should be applied at home to all exposed skin surfaces before the student dresses for school.  This will provide protection to the student during the time traveling to school as well as during the rest of the day. Sunscreen should not be brought to school.  There are products on the market which last for long periods of time even when a student is in water.  Reapplication of sunscreen at school is not necessary.  A minimum of SPF 15 is suggested but no more than SPF 30 is needed.  Higher SPF ratings produce limited additional protection.


Late arrivals must check in at the front office and get a pass to be admitted to class.  If you arrive to school Students who plan to leave early must bring a note to the office that morning.  Only parents, or the person designated as an emergency contact, may sign out a student.  Parents must come into the office to sign out a student.  Unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary consequences as outlined in the District’s Code of Conduct.


Parents should not call the school and leave messages unless there is an emergency. Important messages will be delivered, but students will not be called out of class for a phone call. The office phone is for emergencies only

Textbooks, Chromebooks, and Supplies

Students are responsible for all books and equipment checked out.  Basic hardbound texts, Chromebooks, and paperback books are provided by the state and district for loan to the students.  Students are expected to take good care of them.  Check the books thoroughly when received so that any damages can be reported to the media center.  Lost books, Chromebooks, or unpaid fines may result in loss of privileges.  Students are NOT to leave their assigned textbook or Chromebook in a classroom.  Students will need to pay for any lost books and will be fined for any books damaged beyond the normal wear.  Students are required to bring  paper and pencil.  Some teachers may ask students to bring other supplies like colored pencils, markers, or notebooks.  Be prepared for class:  choosing to arrive to class unprepared (no pencil, no paper, no book, no homework, etc.) may mean choosing a zero for the day.

Vending Machines

The soda/vending machines in the teachers' dining area are off limits to ALL students at ALL times. 


Adult visitors are always welcome at BSMCA.  They need to sign in at the office and receive a visitor's pass. All visitors to the school, including parents, guardians, and siblings must report to the main office to register and receive a visitor pass.  Photo ID is required. No student visitors are permitted.


Parent and community volunteers are very important to BSMCA.  Students and the school could not be successful without the help of our parent and community volunteers.  Volunteers work in the school environment in a number of ways: helping in the front office, working with students who need extra help to be successful, and helping teachers in the classroom and at home. Volunteers usually give one or more hours per week and work within the same area of need regularly.  Parents and community members who are willing to volunteer and meet all the requirements, can contact Robin Weeks, and schedule a short orientation.  All volunteers must complete an information form and give permission for a background check in the interest of safety for all.  BSMCA welcomes all volunteers.


To withdraw a student from school, parents will need to come to the front office. A picture ID will be required, and all text books, Chromebook, and library books should be returned and all fines paid.


A component of the school mission is to help build student self­esteem, to teach students to feel good about themselves, and to set high expectations for appropriate student behavior.  Sometimes a student will make a poor choice and/or bad decision, necessitating a school­based Administrative Review.  Lee County School Board policy requires a hearing whenever a student is considered for a suspension from school for more than seven (7) days.  A parent is expected to accompany their child to the proceedings, generally conducted in the school principal’s office.  At this time, the following will take place:

  1. The immediate problem will be presented with accompanying witness statements.
  2. If applicable, teacher statements or testimony will be introduced.
  3. Student and parent may offer additional or corrective information.
  4. The student’s attendance, academic, and disciplinary records will be reviewed.
  5. If needed, parents and students will be asked to step out while the administrative team discusses the information given at the meeting.
  6. Administration will render a recommendation.
  7. Parents who wish to be accompanied by a support person may do so provided that they agree to and sign a student confidentiality waiver.

An Administrative Review should be taken seriously.  Please note that a review can be conducted in the absence of a parent and student who fail to attend.

             Connecting Home and School through Communication

At Bonita Springs Middle Center for the Arts, we understand that it takes a partnership between the parents and the school in order to increase student achievement.  There are many opportunities for communication throughout the school year and we encourage your family support and assistance. 


AR Reports­ Parents can access at anytime the Accelerated Reader home page to view their child’s progress on their quarterly AR goals.  Reports can be accessed at:

Username: (your child’s 8­digit ID found on his/her report card and the one he/she uses to log into AR at school)

Password: (your child’s first and last initials)  In Home Connect you can also:

Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your child’s quiz or test results.


E­mail­ BSMCA recognizes that e­mail can be a very effective means of communication.  Teacher e­mail addresses are listed on the school website at:


FOCUS­ can be accessed at Parents can get information from the site on student’s grades, attendance records, and test scores.  Information to access this system is included below.


Parent Conferences­ Parents may request a conference to address academic or behavioral concerns.  Please contact the Mari Silva or the guidance counselor by calling the school at 239­992­4422.  In addition, occasionally teachers will request a parent conference throughout the year; teachers will call parents directly, send a Parent Link message, or send home information in writing.


Progress Reports/Interims­ BSMCA will send home interim reports once a quarter with the student.  A ParentLink reminder will be sent home to remind students and parents that they are coming home.  Parents can refer to the school website and the one page document coming home on the first day of school.

Report Cards­ The School District of Lee County will mail out report cards on the designated report card dates listed on the school calendar.

School Newsletter­ BSMCA will send home several electronic newsletters each month.  Please refer to the newsletter for important information about the school and upcoming events.  In addition, you can access updates regularly via our website.

School Web Site­ BSMCA maintains a school website and updates it regularly with important information. Parents access the website at to see upcoming events, participate in surveys, access parent involvement resources and much more.


Go to

• Click on Click here to create a Focus Parent Portal Account

• Follow the directions to create an account & add each child

• You will need each of their 8 digit student ID #’s & birthdates

• Be sure to record user name and password for future access

• Go to

• Enter user name & password, click login

• To switch between children, use the dropdown list on the top right

• To view assignments & grades, click on Assignments & Grades on the top left corner & choose the class you want to from the dropdown menu.

 The current grade for the class will be directly under the title & the list of each assignment will be under that.

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